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Basic Rules For Composing A Good 8-Paragraph Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay is a lot like arguing a case at trial. The student must pick one side of the topic and use evidence for showing that their argument is the right one. Although it takes some getting using to, composing a good 8-paragraph persuasive essay does not have to be difficult. From choosing a topic to building an outline, students can speed up the writing and researching process.

Picking a Topic

The best topics for composing an 8-paragraph persuasive essay will be a topic that the student enjoys. Students will have a much easier time writing if they actually like the topic. Initially, students should read through the writing prompt that was given by their teacher. If the student is given a topic, they can immediately start writing once they choose a side. When a topic is not given, students can write about anything that they want to.

Create an Outline

An outline is a must-have for any type of writing. With an outline, the student can easily see which part of the argument will come next. For an 8-paragraph persuasive essay, the student should build an outline with an introduction, a conclusion and six body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should make a point that supports the thesis statement. Once this is done, the student needs to use two or three facts to support the point.


Sometimes, students have problems finding evidence for their cause. If this is an issue, the student should sit down and brainstorm as many supporting pieces of evidence as possible. Afterward, the student should pick the top six topics sentences for their paper. They can then use library books or online research to support their case.

Overcoming Writers' Block

An outline is one of the key ways to overcome writers' block. With an outline, the student knows exactly what is

coming next. If creating an outline is not enough, the student should sit down with a tape recorder or a web cam. They should explain their argument like they are talking to a friend. By talking through the argument, students can break through the writers' block that is caused by a blank page. If the spoken argument is good enough, the student can even transcribe and edit it for using in their assignment.

Remember to Edit

When writing an 8-paragraph persuasive essay, students need to make sure that they have left time for editing. Ideally, the student should set the assignment aside for a few days or weeks so that they can edit it with fresh eyes. If this is not possible, the student can always ask a teacher, friend or tutor for help with proofreading.


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