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How To Organize Your College Essay: Taking A Professional Approach

You may have the basics down to your fingertips, but writing an essay is more than just throwing together information into five paragraphs. Anybody could do that. No matter how good of an essay you write, your efforts will have been in vain if your work does not look readable.

What’s readable, you say?

Compare tow documents, both with the same content. The first one is written in an ornate, illegible font, with no formatting whatsoever, and is riddled with different color words in no discernible pattern. At first glance, it will all look like a thoughtless jumble of content.

See the second one: it has a uniform format; proper line spacing; a good, legible format; a title, header, footer, and so on. If you were to read any one of these two documents, you would obviously choose the neater, better formatted, second one. The second document is what one calls readable, and it is how your paper should look.

To do so, take the following steps:

  1. Keep in mind the writing style that your essay needs to be in. Go online and make a list of all the format prerequisites.

  2. Make sure that your paper has a header, mentioning your paper’s title and the page number. However, this may change according to the style you need to write in.

  3. Use a good, legible font. Times New Roman in font size 12 is best.

  4. Divide your paper into sections, and provide a sub-head to identify each. Once again, different writing styles have different ways to provide a section break. Make sure you know yours.

  5. Provide proper line and paragraph indentation, and use wide enough margins on all sides of the paper.

  6. If you have to give a printed report, take out a sample copy, and check whether it is legible. Print your paper on a high-quality paper, and use a strong file to submit it in.

Lastly, once your paper is complete, make sure to proofread it at least twice. There is nothing that spoils a good essay like a spelling mistake. Take these little steps, and your jumble of data will have been transformed into an attractive, readable, praise-worthy writing. A little insider information: it will also endear you to your teacher, who will remember you as the student that submits really neat work and alleviates their struggle.


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