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How To Compose A Reflective Essay On Your Writing Skills

Writing academic papers is one of the most important tasks during the life of a student. They start with simpler and easier tasks and move to complicated ones as they promote to higher grades. Most of the assignments that you write during your academic career will depend upon the instructions from your teachers. Your teachers might leave it to you to choose some parts of the paper but they will always have a list of instructions or preferences for each assignment. A reflective assignment is where the student is supposed to create an analysis of him in a certain aspect of life. You have to make sure that when you write such an assignment, you keep an evaluative approach. It can be about your travel experiences, your profession, your passion, your relationships or your academic career. However, you have to make sure that this is different from an informative paper. You are not going to inform your readers about what happened, where you went, what you did but you have to show them what you learned, how you felt, what were your weaknesses, how did you improve, where do you see yourself based on your evaluation.

If you are to compose a winning paper about your writing skills, you should keep several things in your mind.

  1. The structure of your paper
  2. The best format for writing a reflective assignment would be introduction, body and a conclusion. You will open your paper with an engaging introduction about your work. You would also include a thesis statement to show the extract of your work. The body of your paper will contain your major arguments and evidence and the conclusion will lay an emphasis on your thesis and how you proved it

  3. The significance of your paper
  4. Keep the importance of your paper in your mind if you want to write a winning assignment and what you will show about your writing skills

  5. The purpose of your assignment
  6. Keep in mind what you are trying to achieve with your paper so that you can convey that to your audience

  7. The major points you will develop
  8. Develop your major arguments for the body

  9. The evidence you will use
  10. Gather evidence for your assignment

  11. The competitive edge in your assignment
  12. It could be your tone, your niche, your style or your data that makes your paper stand out


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