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How To Create An Elaborate Outline For A Sociology Paper

Here are the steps for creating a sociology paper outline:

  1. Begin by selecting a topic idea. What are you going to write your sociology paper on?
  2. Write up a basic outline that includes the 5 main paragraphs. Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  3. Now, expand those paragraphs into 3 additional sections. It should look like this:
    1. Introduction
      • Intro Paragraph #1
      • Intro Paragraph #2
      • Intro Paragraph #3
    2. Body Paragraph
      • Example #1
      • Example #2
      • Example #3
    3. Body Paragraph
      • Example #1
      • Example #2
      • Example #3
    4. Body Paragraph
      • Example #1
      • Example #2
      • Example #3
    5. Conclusion
      • Conclusion Paragraph #1
      • Conclusion Paragraph #2
      • Conclusion Paragraph #3
  4. By expanding each of the paragraphs into 3 more additional paragraphs you will be creating a much more thorough sociology paper- now the next step is to do the research to fill in the outline.
  5. Begin researching your thesis and look for 3 main points to use in your body paragraphs. Then, find 3 evidence or examples to use to prove these main points and give each of them a dedicated paragraph as well.

  6. Write your thesis. Now that you are writing a more elaborate paper one paragraph in your introduction section can be dedicated to your thesis. Your thesis should describe what the paper is about as well as briefly introduce your 3 supporting points.
  7. Make the other two remaining paragraphs in your introduction, descriptions of your research methods as well as introduce yourself and your reasons for writing. Because you are writing a longer paper these will be important points to include.
  8. After you have completed your introduction you can work at formatting your body sections and paragraphs into a fluent narrative. List your main points in order of strongest argument to the weakest.
  9. Once that is done all you have left to do is put together a conclusion. Your conclusion should be a mirror of your introduction section. You will want to restate your thesis as well as your purpose for writing. Do not introduce any new information in the conclusion. Instead, tie up any remaining loose ends.
  10. Polish your paper by making sure that all of your sections are of similar lengths and make sense together. You will want to save yourself enough time for proofreading and editing. Because you have written such an elaborate paper it may be a good idea to cut down your paper and trim out any parts that do not make sense or ad to the composition’s quality.


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