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Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is a significant aspect of marketing. Organizations need to understand the behaviors of their consumers in order to improve their marketing strategies. Through the study of consumer behavior, the organizations and firms understand how their consumers reason, feel, and think while choosing products and brands. The firms also gain knowledge of the behavior of consumers while making their marketing decisions or when shopping as well as the consumer limitations of information which is influenced by the marketing outcome and decisions. With this knowledge of consumer behavior, it is necessary to understand the applications of consumer behavior.

The behavior of consumers enables organizations to gain knowledge of the required marketing strategies as noted. Therefore, this aspect seeks to improve the marketing campaigns. For example, when a firm understands that its consumers are more receptive to food, the firm schedules snack advertisements at the period when the consumers purchase the snacks. This helps to improve the sales of the organization. When companies understand the behaviors of their consumers, they are able to introduce new products and please the initial customers since they are likely to influence more consumers in purchasing the company’s products.

Another significant application of consumer behavior is reflected in social marketing. The firms or organizations pass ideas to consumers instead of selling something. For example, a marketing professor could go on a sabbatical to work for a certain organization. Instead of giving the medication for a certain disease, the professor could pass advice on how to prevent the same disease. In short, controlling illegal drug use could be a difficult task. Therefore, it would be efficient for marketing professionals to educate the drug users on the dangers of their practices. If they insist on sharing needles, the professor should tell them to clean their needles before use.

Consumer behavior is an important topic to study. The behaviors of consumers should be enough to tell whether they are satisfied with the marketing strategies or not. Introducing ways of attracting their attention would be necessary to improve the sales of the organization. Social marketing is required to pass ideas to consumers. The goal of the social marketing campaign would be to pass certain ideas concerning the behaviors of consumers as required by the organization. Understanding the marketing strategies and social marketing would be sufficient to study and apply consumer behavior. When consumer behavior is studied, the firms understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and, therefore, work to improve them.


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