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How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay In A Proper Way: An Easy Guide

As you move forward in your academic career you will be asked to write more sophisticated compositions than when you started. It is part of the development of your writing skills and requires work that is a bit more challenging. A critical analysis essay assignment is a nuanced assignment. You’re required to take a look at somebody else’s work to decide if the author made a strong argument on behalf of a given position or theme. This is a notch above your ordinary writing essay, but it is not as difficult as it looks. There are some steps that you should follow, however.

  • Determine What the Main Theme Is. This is the starting point. It may in fact be the hardest part of the entire effort because you have to look at the what and why of the author’s work.
  • Look for the Main Ideas. This doesn’t necessarily require heavy research. With each paragraph take a look at the opening, or topic, sentence. Those initial words can lead the way to identifying the main ideas. The research that you ought to do is about anything you are not familiar with in the text. It will help things be a little clearer. Within these main ideas determine if the author is using logic, credibility, or emotions to convince the reader.
  • Evaluate and Then Write. It is where critical analysis comes into play in your work. How well did the author present his or her case? You need to be objective about this and identify the strengths and weaknesses. Try to concentrate on main points and not dissect every part of the work.
  • Strive for Balance. Make a serious effort to show the good and the bad. It will make your critical analysis essay sound more authoritative and not biased. Any possible arguments that surround the main ideas should be given some mention.
  • Demonstrate the Importance of Your Work. Essentially, this is explaining why the critique you are doing is worthwhile. It may give greater insights to the authors work and possibly generate new discussions.

A critical analysis is a means by which you can show both your writing skills and your ability to analyze something objectively. While you may have a passion about the main theme, you have to keep that under control for the sake of your own essay. You may be trying to persuade somebody who is opposed to your opinion. A clarification of the theme and the main ideas, followed by a nonbiased evaluation, will add great credibility to your work.


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