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How do you make a process essay outline?

A process essay may be one of the easier essay assignments to complete. You are basically telling readers how to do something based on the process you learned. You provide a detailed idea of how something gets completed from start to finish. You provide steps a person would take to complete the process. An outline is a great writing tool since you are breaking up the writing into smaller parts. The following points can help you understand how to create your own outline for your process essay.

  • Review the process a few times and take notes about most important parts. Many students working on an essay of this matter will select an easy process to write about. This can be a good thing as you will likely remember each step and you will feel comfortable writing about how the process evolves. Just review the process a few times and absorb the actions and steps as they occur. You are more likely to remember important details without leaving something out.
  • Have your outline broken into sections that make up your entire essay. Think about the process and how it will be written for your essay. It is likely you will break up your essay into smaller parts including introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. What steps or parts of the process will appear in each section of your essay?
  • List discussion points you want to discuss. Once you create your outline with title sections for each part, you will then list under each section a discussion point. This point may actually be a step part of the process. You will briefly mention the steps throughout the outline to give an idea of how your essay will be structured.
  • Provide insight on steps necessary to complete the process and make sure they are provided in logic order. As you create your outline make sure the steps you want to include appear in the order they occur. This is important because it needs to make sense to readers. Plus, this shows your understanding of the process in general. From here, you may be ready to begin your rough draft. It should make the writing process easier since the most important portions of the paper are already in place. Review your information once more to make sure all steps are included in the process before starting your rough draft.


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