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The Most Effective Tips For Writing A 3-Paragraph Essay

The three paragraph essay is a very rudimentary assignment but one which lays the foundation for a great deal of future assignments you will endeavor to create.

Understanding the protocols and the structures for this particular type of assignment will lay the foundation for understanding all other forms of creative writing that you come across in the future of your academic career.

This assignment, as the name suggests is one which only has three paragraphs. This means that you have an introductory paragraph, your single body paragraph, and your concluding paragraph.

The introduction

The introductory paragraph is the first encounter audience members and readers will have to your project. This is the first opportunity you have to provide orientation or direction for your readers, summarize what key points they are going to come across in the body of your work, and clearly state your thesis. Because this assignment is not necessarily the longest of assignments you have the chance to present a great deal of information in this one particular area.

The body

In this assignment the body paragraph is your soul middle paragraph and it is responsible for presenting your evidence. Your goal here is to present support for your thesis in the most comprehensive fashion. Because you only have three paragraphs and one paragraph in which to present your relevant supporting evidence to the thesis you want to make sure that you are critical of the word choices that you use. Not only should you be critical of the quality or the word choice that you make but you should also be diligent about the number of words that you use. If you can explain the same concepts using just three words instead of 12, always use three words. This will save you a great deal of space literally and open up the opportunity to cover more information in a shorter amount of space.

Member that the information you present in this paragraph should refer back to and support your thesis statement from the introductory paragraph.

The conclusion

The conclusion is the final chance for you to summarize the information you presented in your body paragraph. This is where you remind the reader what information you presented in your single paragraph above and how that information relates to your thesis statement this is also the last opportunity you have to make an impression and remind the reader what your topic means in the bigger picture.


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