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A List of Interesting Counter Argument Essay Topics

At some point in your academic career, you will encounter an assignment where you must make a persuasive argument about a particular topic or issue. When addressing these issues, it is important to know what you are arguing against. Knowing your opposition's point of view is imperative in making a strong, sound argument.

When writing an academic essay, the general purpose is to make an argument for or against a certain topic. Once your stance has been decided, you must offer supporting evidence that proves your conclusion to be true. To strengthen your argument, it is best to know and understand points for both sides. This will help you to face head on any difficulties with your own argument and overcome any resistance that you may encounter.

The Counter Argument

The opposing argument should be written in an objective voice. You should put yourself in the opposition's shoes whenever possible. You should be thorough and fair. This will make your essay more persuasive. It should show up near the beginning of your essay so that you may provide a rebuttal later. The purpose of the counter argument is:

  • To address the many positions that are held on a given topic
  • To analyze the logic of their position
  • To strengthen your argument

Do not be afraid to demonstrate the opposing views of your topic. If you are passionate about the topic and you have gathered sufficient evidence, you should have no problems offering a rebuttal with a sound argument.

There are several topics that would provide for great counter arguments. Here is a brief list:

  • Stereotypes are not valid
  • Why Women should be paid equal salaries to men
  • Why Racism still exists
  • Why poverty is necessary
  • Why guns should not be legal
  • Why obesity is increasing
  • Is recycling actually making a difference?
  • Should healthcare be free?
  • Can long distance relationships work?

Now that you are armed with topics, you can begin to explore the different positions and decide where you stand. It is best to choose a topic in which you are passionate about. This will make your argument more convincing to the reader and more interesting to you.

Once you have dissected the different stances and gathered your supporting evidence, you are ready to begin writing your essay. Be sure to remain open and unbiased. It is important to fully explain why you believe your position and, just as thoroughly, explain the opposing views. You will finish with a strong, indisputable essay.


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