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Tips For Writing A Compelling Essay: 5 Ways To Touch The Hearts Of Your Readers

There is only one kind of essay that you can do where you can touch the heart of your readers and that is a personal narrative essay.  All other essays have to be logical and have facts to support your topic, while a personal narrative is a story about you and something that you have overcome or experienced for your topic.  You usually write the about a day that means something to you, it could be the first day of something, a bad experience, a good experience, or an event that changed you life somehow.

When you are writing a narrative personal essay, you want it to have an emotional impact on your reader, use sensory perception to give it more emotion, and use vivid details to put the reader in the essay.

How To Write This Kind Of Essay

  • Using video or voice memo, record yourself telling the story that you are doing your essay on.  This will help you see the flow of the story and tell you how to organize it.
  • It’s okay to use dialogue and anecdotes in this kind of essay.
  • Use transition words, like however, therefore, and so on to link your sentences.
  • Use words that are descriptive, emotional, lively, active, and precise when writing your essay.

5 Ways To Touch The Hearts Of Your Readers

  • First you want to identify what emotions will be in your essay.  This will make it easier to convey the emotions if you know what emotion are going to be used in your essay.
  • Think about how you feel during the event that you are writing about.  This will help you write a better description of your emotions, which will connect with the reader better.
  • Be specific with your descriptions, you don’t want to write that you were happy, describe why you were happy, and connect that emotion with the reader.
  • Use the setting of your essay to describe emotion.  If you are writing about a bad experience then describe that with the setting, tell them why you were scared and the events that lead up to this emotion.
  • The most touching essays are the ones where the writer puts their entire heart into the essay and doesn’t hold back on their emotions.  Emotions are strong and using wording and other descriptions to get this across will make you touch the heart of your readers.  Also if you need extra help, there are two wheels that can help you write better emotionally, the Wheel Of Emotions and Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, both will help you write emotions.  


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