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Academic essay examples: how to benefit from using them

There are many reasons why students should turn to essay samples. Essay samples offer a means of literally seeing what is required of you. Students often struggle with their work because they may never have written a specific type of paper and now are being asked to. They might struggle because they do not know the format required of them and need to see examples of how it is structured. Some students are visual learners who will learn much better from seeing an essay sample right in front of them with all of the pieces organized where they will go. Other students are auditory learners and they learn best when they can listen to a webinar on how to set up the paper.

  1. You can find them from your teacher. Ask your teacher for a sample if they did not provide one. They may have a few samples from previous students lying around. This can give you a quality inside look at exactly what specifications are required not just for your paper but for your teacher. If you acquire a sample from your teacher the sample will show you exactly what is required to earn a specific grade in their class.
  2. You can find samples in your library. Some school libraries house published or electronic copies of previous student papers. You can ask a librarian if yours does. If that is not the case you might consider browsing through the writing center guide books. There are many writing guide books available on the market today which come equipped with samples to correspond to all of the types of essays discussed in the paper. That being said you can most likely find a copy of these writing guides in your school library. If you cannot check them out (some may be in the reference area) then you should make copies of the pages that relate specifically to your paper. Your school library might also have a corresponding website that offers help guides and writing examples for student use all free of charge.
  3. You can find them online. The internet is a vast resource. There are multitudes of websites including your school websites which can house essay samples. These sites range from academic web pages for schools to educational websites sponsored by the government or academic websites sponsored b other academic affiliations.


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