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Finding Online Sources with 5 Paragraph Essay Samples

Finding online sources with five paragraph essay samples, can be a real challenge. Especially when a student does not know where to look. One of the first skills needed, is knowing how to use a search engine, then knowing how to use keywords. With these two skills developed, a student can find just about anything they need to help them in school. So this is what we will be covering in this tutorial.

  1. How to Search Online
  2. Keywords
  3. Fine Tuning a Search
  4. What to Look For

How to Search Online

When looking for samples of a five paragraph essay, it is important to look the right way. Search engines use different means to find different things, depending on the type of engine being used. The most common types work better when the search is done like these examples: “5 paragraph essay, Sample”, or like this; “5 + paragraph + essay + Sample”. Either of these will help find more responses than just typing the subject. Use the Quotation Marks, to help focus the search engine on what you want, or it will look for any part of your subject.


Using keywords, is an important tool in using any search engine. So, knowing your keywords is an important skill. As such, one might add such things in as what subject they are working on, as it can help them with the topic, or even the course it is for, like sociology, literature, animal husbandry, would all help find these samples in related subjects.

Fine Tuning a Search

Fine tuning a search, is using everything that has been talked about so far, together. Using the keywords with the general search words, can help in finding the right samples to help with the paper the student is typing. As such, a student might try something like this, to fine tune their search. Use the format, one or two keywords, and general search entry: “APA+Sociology+5+paragraph+essay+sample”, which turns up 661,000 results. This would get samples that would be much closer to what the student is working on.

What to Look For

When doing the search, the student wants to look for sites that will give the best information. Sites that sell essays, may or may not have good samples, it depends on the site, so those can a bit risky. Usually student support sites, that offer aids and tutorials, are more reliable. These and sites run by reputable operations, like schools, libraries, and organizations, will tend to have more reliable samples for the student to use.


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