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A Manual For Composing An Interesting Essay

While every student would like to think they can create an interesting essay, think about every teacher or professor who has to mark dozens if not hundreds of essays. Imagine what it is like for the academic who has to wade through essay after essay knowing that there is little if any interest in them at all. So if you can compose an interesting essay you give yourself a really good chance of scoring a really high mark.

And of course because an essay is interesting that doesn't necessarily make it good. You still need to get the research right and the choice of topic right and go over your work when finished with excellent proofreading and editing. But assume you can do all those things how do you make your essay interesting?

  • You choose a topic which is interesting for you.
  • You choose an angle which is unusual.
  • You follow the traditions of structure exactly as required.
  • You look for that added bit of unusual information through your research.
  • You take the time to find the sort of topics which interest you examiner.

You will have been told that the choice of topic for your essay is the key to its success. But the most important aspect of the choice is the interest in the topic. If you are passionate about the topic and if you find a topic really interesting then it follows that you will write an interesting essay. Sadly the opposite is true.

You might have an interesting topic but do you have an interesting angle in writing about it? This throws a completely new picture on your essay. Yes the topic looks and sounds interesting and yes your writing is good but what is the angle that you have taken on the topic?

Don't think that you'll make your essay interesting by coming up with some crazy type of structure. Stick to the traditional structure and use it to your advantage. It's what you write within the structure which will make your essay interesting.

You have to do research for your essay but make a point of looking for something which is unusual. If it's so unusual and interesting, your research will help you create a very interesting essay.

And finally there is a strange way of possibly composing a seriously interesting essay and that is to discover what your teacher or professor or the examiner of your essay is keen on academically. If they have a pet subject or if they have a pet hatred about the writing of essays, you will make yours more interesting if you avoid the pet hates and promote the things they really like.


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