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How To Create An Effective Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement

Whether you are composing an essay to be used in a literature class or nursing class, it is important for it to have a main topic. When writing for college level, it is important for you to express your topic in a thesis statement. The thesis is a key part of any essay as it summarizes your thoughts in an essay and guides the reader on how to write the essay in an effective manner.

Understanding the thesis

The thesis is:

  • A claim rather than a fact that should be supported with a particular reasons or even reasons

  • Directly give answer to questions on an assignment

  • A statement unifying the paper as it states the key points of a writer no matter the topic

  • It is a single sentence that doesn’t discuss different topics

  • It forecasts the order and content of the paper

  • It is mostly placed at the start of the paper preferably immediately after the introduction and within the first or second paragraph.

  • At times, it is implied instead of getting stated out rightly

How to develop the thesis

An effective thesis statement should answer one or more of these questions:

  • What is the subject of the essay

  • What is the main idea that needs to be discussed on the topic?

  • Is there any evidence supporting the main idea?

This means that a thesis should be made of 3 parts. These are the:

  • Subject

  • Main idea

  • Evidence or support

An effective thesis statement should have this type of structure also known as an action plan for the development plan. This is not only makes your essay better but it offers the reader a glimpse of what is to be discussed. It is also great for helping the writer to remain organized and focused. While this many not only be the effective way of writing a thesis statement for your argumentative essay, it is a good way of having a great thesis statement. For more ideas on writing a thesis statement for your essay, you can search on the internet.


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