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Simple Advice On How To Write An Essay On A School Holiday

An essay is defined as a scholarly writing composed by a student and it is based on a particular, theme, subject, event or a place. These are descriptive writings constructed in different paragraphs and follow a set of rules and regulations.

If you are assigned to prepare an article based on school holidays, it should be written as per the guidelines and must follow the basic structure of an article. The general format of a descriptive writing includes the following steps:

  • Title page: the title page should illustrate the main topic of your article. If you are writing an article on school holidays, the title should carry the specific keywords. It has to be written comprehensively and the title should be precise and should attract the readers.

  • Introduction: the entire content of your article must be summarized in this paragraph and it should contain the main objectives of your writing. Including popular phrases and quotations associated with the topic should create an interest to the readers. Your thesis statement must be formulated and included in the introductory paragraph.

  • Article body: the article body can be developed within two or more paragraphs and it is where you develop or elaborate your main topic. Including details, analysis, evaluations and the result falls under this section and it is the core part of your article.

  • Conclusion: this section winds up your descriptive writing and the reader must be in a position to arrive at a conclusion after reading your entire article. Restating the main points, evaluated results etc are recommended on this section.

Writing an essay on school holidays- important tips:

If you are writing an article based on school holidays, it should include the duration of the particular holiday, the way you spent the school holidays and important events occurring during the period. The narrative style should be simple and it should be in past tense. Avoid including unnecessary events and concentrate more on the holidays you have spent effectively. After the completion of the article proof check for grammatical errors and typography mistakes to make it an excellent write up.

Here are some interesting topics to write about the school holidays as an article:

  • How I spent my school holidays effectively.

  • The interesting places I visited during the school holidays.

  • Most exciting moment occurred during the school holidays.

  • The summer camp visited during the holidays.


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