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10 Relevant Persuasive Essay Topics for Teenagers

Persuasive essays are easy when you know the structure and your mission. Your mission is to persuade someone toward your point of view – or to become so moved by your argument that they actually want to take action.

In a persuasive essay, essays follow a very specific structure. If you were to write a five paragraph essay, for example, the first paragraph would contain your attention getting introductory sentences about your topic. Typically, at the end of paragraph one is a thesis statement. The thesis statement contains your very clear and narrow point of view on your topic. For example,

I believe that since human beings have contributed to the destruction of the earth through such destructive behaviors, they must also be responsible for behaviors that will save the earth as well. There are three specific ways which human beings can act now to prevent harming our environment more.

In the paragraph above, the thesis statement is underlined. The first sentence is your hook, the atten-getting sentence that lures in your reader.

The next few paragraphs will provide evidence of your thesis.

Here are ten great topics for persuasive essays:

  1. We must do something about the melting of the polar icecaps before we lose all our treasured wildlife there.
  2. All American citizens should be required to complete one year of community service.
  3. Students should be required to take a foreign language study, since most countries in the world are bi or tri-lingual.
  4. Students should no be allowed to use cell phones in schools.
  5. Schools should not sell candy and sugary soft drinks to students.
  6. Teenage girls (should/should not) be allowed to get birth control without the permission of their parents.
  7. Schools should stop serving fast food items such as pizza, hamburgers, and french-fries to students at lunch in an effort to stop the child obesity problem.
  8. Should all schools have boys and girls in them together.
  9. Should immigration laws be reformed?
  10. Should gay marriages be legal everywhere?
  11. The voting age should be lowered to sixteen.
  12. Violent video games are causing kids to become violent.
  13. Should athletes stop receiving such huge salaries?
  14. Should the army raise the age of recruitment to 20?
  15. Should music with harsh language and curse words be banned from high school dances?
  16. Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals at home?
  17. Teens should have to take a parenting class.
  18. Magazine advertisements should stop airbrushing women.
  19. Gun ownership should be more tightly controlled.
  20. Internet access should be free for everyone.


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