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Essay Topics For Lazy Students:  Writing Is Easy

If you are a lazy student, you try as hard as you can to do the minimum amount of work as possible.  If you have to complete an essay, that can be hard for a lazy student.  So you are one of these students, how can you make writing an essay easy?  Well the best way to do this is to pick a really easy topic, one that doesn’t require you to do too much research or writing.  If you pick a topic that you already know about then half of your work is done.  And in most essays you can use your opinion on the topic to fill in gaps of research that you didn’t do.

Easy Essay Topics

  • Is there a reason that Americans are so overweight?  This one is easy; you could do most of your research on this one by watch the news and YouTube videos on the subject.  They even have shows out know that are based on this subject.  This one has minimal reading and you can do it all by watching.
  • Does recycling products really make a big difference in the environment?  We hear about recycling but do we really know if recycling really makes that all a difference.  I know you have probably seen where you can buy products that are made of recyclable things but how to the do it and how is it helping?  This is also one of those topics that you can watch most of the information on the topic online.
  • Should at least one parent stay at home with the kids?  Are kids that have a parent that stays at how with them better off or worse?  Does having a parent at home with them help them in the long run?  I know this one might require a little more research on your part but it’s an interesting topic.
  • What do you see that robots will be able to do in the future?  This one requires research but not as much as you think.  Look at what robots are doing today and try to predict what they might to in the future.

These topics are easy and interesting.  When you are choosing an topic for an essay the interesting ones make the work go much faster, which as a lazy student you want.  And most topics can be researched by watching documentaries and YouTube, you would be amazed at how much information you can get from these two sources.


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