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Good argumentative essay topics for college: original suggestions

Taking on an argumentative essay gives the student the opportunity to put their thought, feelings, and opinions down on paper. These do have to pertain to the chosen topic while giving the student the outlet to express their views. We are going to discuss ways to come up with an original topic for an argumentative essay.

How to find a good argumentative topic

  • Controversy
  • Unique
  • Research
  • Personal Bias

Using these four factors, a student can easily come up with a great argumentative topic. One thing never lacking in the world is controversy. There are many topics that are controversial and make great debates. If there is more than one side to a controversial topic, there is a good chance you can use the topic to your advantage.

It is also important to find a unique pitch on your topic; this can easily tie into controversial subject matters. Once you have created a list of topic, research each one for relevant facts to support your standing. This will help you determine if the topic is unique and/or controversial. Research will be your best friend in choosing an original topic. It is important to ensure you have plenty of valid information on your standpoint. Using information that lacks credibility can cause the audience to sway the other way. To avoid this, weed out the topics that are already heavily cover or do not have enough supporting facts to make your standpoint relevant.

The last thing to consider when choosing your topic is your personal bias. This evaluates where you stand and why you feel the way you do. Topics that are not interesting to you lack the personal bias needed to persuade the audience on your point of view. When choosing a topic and position, you need to have a strong standing and personal feeling. The personal touch to your topic can help persuade an audience to your standing. Much like a debate, the argumentative essay requires a single position with strong supporting evidence. When starting an argumentative essay, consider the four factors listed above before making a solid decision on a topic.  Determine the controversy of the topic, how unique it is, the amount of relevant information available through research, and your personal bias on the topic. The idea is to sway the audience to your point of view with the essay.


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