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7 outstanding topics for an evaluation essay

Almost all essays are meant to be persuasive in one way or another. The evaluation essay should be even more so, based off of the facts given to the student around their subject. To be clear, the subject discussed should be very persuasive to the reader, it should express to them the reasons why its author feels the way they do about the subject, showing evidence.

Any subject can be evaluated, it's simply the matter in which it is that makes the difference in the type of essay it's going to be. The persuading perspective alone will make for an outstanding essay. Here are those topics divided into two types to see how easy it is.

Comparable Topics

When writing a evaluation essay, researching the subject starts off with comparisons. In most cases this is always the process. The difference from one thing to another is enough to start off a interesting topic.

  • Which is better classic rock of modern rock?
  • Are Books Better Than Their Movies?
  • Is There A Greater Generation?
  • With Or Without The Internet?

These could be start off topics that eventually turn into those essays. In them, the student will be able to make the comparisons to quality for a final evaluation, persuading the reader to see one side over the other.

Single Topics

In another case, the comparisons may remain there but be written in such a way that the subject the writer is persuading the reader about, is more central to the essay; even bringing in other comparisons without having to be too thorough on them. Such topics could be:

  • The new Batman movie
  • Product Reviews
  • Reviewing A Place or Event

What makes these topics outstanding is the fact that they force the reader to take a side. The fact that they're ready to defend one of them means the the writer is on their way to make an outstanding evaluation essay.

Remain Objective

When writing about the evaluation, it's very easy to avoid the facts altogether and base the evaluation from opinion. And even though in the end it turns out to be opinion anyway, it's important to present the evaluation from an objective perspective and to make sure the tone is also the same.

As mentioned before, many essays are opinionated without a context. The evaluation paper and its topics are the context that keeps the view persuasive.


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