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How to come up with a good topic for a persuasive essay

When you are working on a persuasive essay your job is to persuade your readers. You want to pick a topic that is controversial or at the very least has two sides to it. You want to present evidence that supports why your side is best. The process of composing a persuasive essay is very similar to having a debate or argument you have with friends. You want to present all of the information starting with the background and also show why the other side is wrong or at least not as well supported as your side.

So how can you come up with a good topic for a persuasive essay?

  1. Look over your course information. You might be assigned a topic or at least a subject to cover like “school related topics” or “school uniforms”. If you are assigned something you have to pick a side then in the argument. If you are not assigned something you should review the course information such as your notes or course textbook and see if there is anything there that interests you. Perhaps you will find a subheading in your textbook from last week’s lesson that you really wanted to talk about in class but didn’t have the time. This can make for a perfect persuasive essay topic.
  2. Consider what things you like to debate at home or with friends. What topics always seem to pop up when you are talking with your friends during recess or sitting at dinner with your family? What things do you debate? What side do you take? Is there some topic that is a passion of yours? Perhaps you are passionate about pro-gay rights because you had a family member who grew up in a strictly religious town who was taunted and attacked until he died for being openly gay. If that is what gets your blood boiling then use that feeling to write a great persuasive essay.
  3. Try using brain storming exercises like mind mapping or a free write. Set an alarm for five minutes from now and put your pen to paper the entire time. Get all of your thoughts out on paper. You might find that there is a great topic lingering beneath your to-do list but your brain needed to write out the to-do list before it could find the great topic for your persuasive paper.


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