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A List Of Fresh Ideas For Argumentative Essay Topics

The student's ability to churn out fresh ideas doesn't take talent or brilliance, but if does take a determination and overall at process put in place to keep the ideas coming.

If the student were prepared with the reality that they would be spending most of their academic life to completing essays, then the student would reap the benefits of producing essays with fresh ideas.

The point of the process is consistency, however nothing is perfect and there comes a time when even the best essay writer might have problems coming up with argumentative essay topics.

Recycling Ideas

Before looking at the fresh ideas, let's look at how these fresh ideas form. Generally the fresh ideas can come from recycled topics that create a new approach. Something different from the original idea. Every kind of writer does this. They're able to take something and rewrite or form it in a new and different way.

Another way to do this is when coming up with the topic for the argumentative essay, is to suddenly throw a new view in the path of linear thought or while processing the topic, to see where it takes the author. There are plenty of other ways to do this, but let's look at some of these fresh ideas.

Fresh Ideas

The professors always say what is acceptable and what isn't but if the paper is written and presented well, fresh ideas could be anything, even stuff that no one would even think of! Here are some of those ideas mixed in with serious ones.

  • No-Tolerance Incarceration
  • Every Politician Lies
  • Why A Grape Pie Doesn't Work
  • Digital Antennas Are Better Than Cable

Under Pressure

Hopefully it isn't the case the the student is looking for a topic for their essay at the last minute? In many cases however, a student might need to complete an argumentative essay under pressure. In many areas of employment, writing something on the fly is part of the job and the writer is always under pressure to produce.

The system mentioned earlier is likely already in place. The student should keep in mind that the original idea might not be the same when they finish their essay so it's okay to not worry about ideas such as:

  • Anyone Can Start Their Own Government From Home
  • Spanish Television Steals From American Television
  • Television Violence Is A NRA Conspiracy

It's A Matter Of Common Sense

By writing these out and having the arguments using the internal voice, will create even more ideas and the direction of the persuasion. The point of the argumentative essay is to persuade the audience of the argument. And the audience can be persuaded of anything if it's written well enough to catch their attention.


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