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Tutorial For Writing An Interesting Cause And Effect Essay

A cause an effect essay is the kind of essay in which students need to address a certain topic and show the possible outcomes from this topic or vice versa. Students can approach a cause and effect essay in two ways. One way is to take a cause and discuss all the possible effects this could generate. The other is to think of an effect and build your essay towards the possible reasons for this. Whatever way you pick for your essay, you need to keep in mind that the essay should base on strong logical arguments and supportive evidence. A cause an effect essay is one of the most interesting essay types for majority of students. If a student is having trouble in composing his essay then he or she should first understand the purpose, format and structure of the essay before trying to attempt it.

Here is an easy way to compose an interesting cause an effect essay.

Divide your task in three major phases

You need to do this to be able to organize and plan your essay and finish it on time. The three major steps in completing any written assignment are.

  1. Pre-writing
  2. Writing
  3. Post writing

You can draw a flow chart or a map diagram to divide your task into these milestones or steps. Let us discuss the purpose of each step in detail below.


This step involves all the necessary research, data collection, data analysis, organizing of data and creating a structure for your paper. First, you need to understand the format and purpose of a cause and effect essay. You can read various expert written essays to understand the basic format. Once this is clear, you will have to choose a topic to address in your essay. After you have a topic, you will carry out research to find relevant data for your paper. This will include finding the causes and effects along with factual data. Organize your data to create an outline that you will follow in the next step.


Expand your outline to create the first draft of your paper. You should follow all the details in your outline and include each of them in your first draft.


This is the final step in your cause and effect essay. This will include both editing and proof reading to refine your essay.


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