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A List Of Interesting Questions You Can Explore In An Essay Related To Business Ethics

Writing assignments are a real trial for many students. The point is that not everyone has a talent for writing and not all students know how a good essay should be written. Still, if you are facing a writing assignment, you can try to make it easier for you, at least, as much as you can. So, what should you do to turn this task into a good time? You need to choose a good topic that will inspire you.

What is a good topic? It’s something that you know at least a little and that you like. Choosing a topic for an essay related to business ethics, try to pick out the one that makes you feel interested in the things you are about to do, eager to search for new interesting facts, excited about sharing them with your readers, and willing to keep on researching the subject.

If you are allowed to choose a topic on your own, you are free to search for interesting ideas in online and offline libraries that store samples of projects composed by other students. As well, you can search online, at resources that are dedicated to academic writing.

Below, you will find a list of interesting ideas for projects that are related to business ethics.

  1. Should companies expand the sphere of their medical insurance or payments on areas like reproductive cell freezing for their employees?

  2. Is it ethical to publish and sell books that are written by federal criminals like serial killers?

  3. Should fast food chains pay additional taxes that will allow deepening obesity research?

  4. Is production and retail of firearms and other types of lethal weapon ethical in the light of the destruction they cause?

  5. Should companies that receive super profits at the times of a recession contribute a part of their incomes to the state budget?

  6. Is it ethical to provide employees with families and children with additional benefits that single ones cannot have?

  7. Is it ethical that companies hide huge charges under the corporate social responsibility?

Choosing a topic for your work, you need to make sure that it’s fresh enough and not banal. Besides that, if you choose a topic from the Internet or from the library without any customization, your essay can turn into a clone of the already existing one, or purely a copy in the range of projects that other students have written.


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