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Where To Find A Decent Essay Outline Template For High School Students

Being in high school is all about fun and friends but you cannot ignore academics which are the major part of your student life. Different students have different interests and choices so their routines would differ from each other. However, in school life, most of your time will be spent in writing and attempting academic tasks. The major proportion of these assignments will be essay writing. Essays require students to follow a proper format and structure but that remains the same for all of them. You will not have to worry about the format because each of these will start with an introduction and end at a conclusion with a body in the middle. This indicates that the basic outline for your assignment will not change

Once you learn to create a strong outline for your paper, you can use it for the rest of your assignments as well. The general outline for an essay would look like the following

  1. The thesis statement at the center of the page
  2. The introduction paragraph
    • Opening statement
    • Thesis statement
  3. The body of your paper
    • Body paragraph topic sentence
    • Supporting evidence 1
    • Evidence 2
    • Evidence 3

    You will repeat the same structure for all of the body paragraphs in your assignment. Each paragraph will represent one major argument in your assignment so the number of major arguments and body paragraphs will be the same

  4. Conclusion
    • Restate thesis statement
    • Concluding lines
    • Question or future action

    Different students have different approaches to conclude their papers and it may also depend upon the type of your assignment. For example if you are writing a persuasive assignment, you must show your readers that you were successful in proving your idea

This is a general layout for your essay but if you need a perfect outline template from a professional then you should consider the following

  • Use the web to find a sample that suits you Use reputable service providers on the internet to get a sample for your assignment. Make sure you get help from licensed and registered companies
  • Make sure it is similar to the essay type you need Confirm that the outline is for the same essay type that you are writing
  • Always download proofread samples This will ensure the quality of work
  • Check before you download To help you stay safe from spam and viruses


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