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5 Tools That Can Help You Write Great Essays Without Much Effort

Writing essays can be exhausting. You have to think about many things at once: whether you chose the right topic, whether your story is long enough and not too long and whether it doesn’t contain any grammar mistakes. Apart from that, you have to make sure your written piece is original and doesn’t have any plagiarized sentences. In other words, it can be a burden to deal with.

Fortunately, there are some tools to help you write a perfect paper quickly and easily.

5 Friends to Help You Deal with Your Essay

Every student knows that there are tools helping to deal with different kind of homework like homework planners, homework planning software etc. However, few learners know that there are tools designed specifically to help writing different sorts of texts and checking them. Besides, most of them are available absolutely free! Here are 5 most useful tools to keep in mind:

  • Online spell-checkers.
  • Even the most diligent students sometimes add an extra comma or omit an “s” in words like “possibility” or “possession”. Online spell-checkers are a great tool to find and eliminate all those little mistakes. If you don’t want anyone and anything to help you correct your mistakes, you can use a checker that only highlights them.

  • Online libraries.
  • There are essays you just can’t write at once. There are topics that need some research. If that’s the case, and if you don’t have the time to visit your school library, feel free to use any of the online ones. They’re almost like real libraries, except that you don’t have to go anywhere.

  • Online word counters and keyword counters.
  • These are the tools for professional writers and copywriters. An online word counter will help you understand whether your story isn’t too long or too short. A keyword counter will analyze the density of certain words in text, thus helping you eliminate repetitions.

  • Homework help websites.
  • If you have problems with a particular topic, or a particular type of essay, you can look for advice on some homework help websites. However, be careful and don’t confuse these websites with the websites offering to do your homework for money.

  • Anti-plagiarism checkers.
  • You might have heard you teacher saying that your written piece must be non-plagiarized. Unfortunately, even if you intend to write an original story, you insert phrases from other sources which can be identified as plagiarism. To avoid that, you can check your text with one of the anti-plagiarism checkers.


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