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Effect of Religion on Society and Law

Religion is a belief that certain supernatural principles control human behaviors in the world. For instance, the way, who, time and day of worship, and probably how to dress when in adulation rooms. In spite of differences in ways of devotion, the ultimate achievement is to create a good association with God. Mostly different religious groups do so through a mediator but some do not. For example, for Christians you can only reach God through His son Jesus Christ while for Muslims one can do so through His prophet Mohamed. The state, through experts, harmonizes these principles from different spiritual groups to common laws and regulation to govern the human behavior. Faith can impact differently on the set laws of a nation.

Conflict which result to national and international division. Creation of this is observed in different parts of the world. The wrangles run across issues of land in equality, political differences, and allocation of central government resources. In some cases, the fight to reduce or increase a certain religious group has been observed in some countries. For example, the case of Kenya, where recruitment of militia groups by Muslim faithful and burning of Christians in churches has been reported in the recent past. The conflict in the great Sudan which led to formation of Southern Sudan was reported as due to political in-equality and majorly between Muslims and Christians.

In a society the best life teachings are derived from religious groups. The laws of the land are derived from these teachings because they have high ability to impart morals and discipline in the society. Most religious discipline advocate for co-existence through sharing, care for each other, respect for each other and people’s properties, and education and all these defines a healthy society. Most religion condemns bad behaviors such as drug addiction, and any form of criminal activity which makes it easy for the government to easily implement its laws and regulations.

In conclusion, moral laws and teachings should be embraced at societal level. It’s the only place where religious and cultural differences are harmonized for human betterment. Some regions embrace difficult episodes like same sex marriage creating conflict within the society and its cultural practices and the government laws. Serious consultations should be done with law makers, government stake holders, and society elders before arriving to any new development in my part of a given country.


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