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Creative Writing Tips On How To Compose A Critical Analysis Essay On A Doll's House

A Doll's House is a great play written by Ibsen who happened to be in the time when marriages were meant to last and women had the least say in the society or even a household. The play in general talks about different individuals, their roles, marital and social problems, crime, compromise, and other events to make a good story but particularly revolves around the fact that women are to live in and confine themselves to a stereotypical role defined by the society around them. The irony lies in the fact that the communication between Nora and her husband is very superficial and they do not have the ability or courage to fill the mental gap between their relationships. Early critics commented that there was a sudden change in Nora’s character from a sensitive child to leaving her husband for her independence. The play is about Nora’s efforts for a life of dignity, self-motivation, and freedom.

This could be an interesting topic for your critical analysis essay and would give you enough to discuss about. The good part is that you will find the play interesting to read as it is a carefully compiled work and shows a true picture of one important institute of our lives in the classical age. The story has some climax, dialogues, and areas that would certainly hook you to find out more about the play. You need to stay objective and read the play a several times before you write down anything about it or even form your opinion. You should avoid yourself from judging characters and passing any remarks unless you read the entire play and make sense out of it.

When you have a good reading, you can create the basic theme or idea that you get from the work and writer it down on a neat paper. Read the play again keeping this theme in your mind and look for areas that contradict with this theme or complement it. You will have a good understanding of the work and the author once you do this. You would be able to identify strengths in the book as well as highlight the weaknesses or gaps left unattended by the author.

Remember that whatever you argue or present in your essay about the play, must have enough supporting evidence for you to prove it.


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