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How To Write An Essay Dealing With World History Change Over Time

The purpose of the history essay, much like any other essay, is to persuade your readers that your argument is best, or at the very least, that the opposition argument is flawed. When you are tasked with writing a history essay, you want to present a logical argument in such a way that the readers are in agreement with you when they finish reading your paper. You could be analyzing how world leaders have changed over the last few decades, or how the economics of a particular country changed after it struck oil. In any case, your job is to present adequate historical evidence and data that your readers end up agreeing with you.

Essays that focus on how world history has changed over time can be quite a challenge to students due to the fact that students often try and cover too broad a topic. World history in and of itself is a broad topic, and trying to cover even one aspect of it can be daunting.

But in order to reduce the amount of stress associated with writing an essay that deals with world history changing over time, you can follow these tricks and tips:

Tip #1: When you are writing your history essay, it is important that you include all the necessary components. This means your paper needs an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • The introduction is where you explain to the reader what you are going to persuade them to believe.
  • Your body is made present arguments and supporting evidence.
  • The conclusion is where you bring the end of your argument. This is also your last opportunity to remind the reader what evidence you presented and why your side is best.

Tip #2: Remember to think clearly about your topic. Your reader needs to know exactly what you are trying to say. Do not leave your reader to guess your meaning. It is almost impossible for you to over emphasize your point. So make sure that you spell it out for the reader Pointblank.

Tip #3: Never forget to double check all of your primary and secondary sources. Make sure you do not accidentally mistake a report as a primary source, when really, it is a secondary source quoting a primary source.

Tip #4: Clarity and precision are paramount to writing a great paper. If you have a poor writing style it will only remove from the power of your argument.


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