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10 Great Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay Topics

If you are looking for an argumentative essay topic, look at the list below. One of these ten ideas can definitely inspire you.

  1. Is the Alcoholics Anonymous program effective today?
  2. Find out the statistics that show how the attendances of the meetings and their success rates have changed over the years. Determine how the Internet, especially social networks, influence this particular program.

  3. Should we consider law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?
  4. Look up reports that state how many crimes were solved or prevented by using these cameras. Study the laws regarding privacy issues and determine whether these cameras can indeed be considered an invasion of people’s privacy.

  5. Does procrastination actually help the creative process?
  6. Define procrastination and list its causes. Determine whether it serves some productive purpose in the long run. Provide a list of suggestions that will help creative people reduce the periods of procrastination. Is it possible to eliminate it completely?

  7. Should people be allowed to choose their own time to die? A closer look at the issue of euthanasia.
  8. Offer your own opinion on the subject. Identify the reasons that push people to seek euthanasia, as well as those that make some of them fight any motion that aims to legalize it. Is there a “right” choice in this case?

  9. Is the information presented by forensic experts to juries accurate?
  10. Look for reports on cases where forensic evidence was the crucial element that led to conviction. Find a few where this evidence was proven to be false after the decision had already been made. Explain how the jury’s lack of understanding of the processes behind the analysis of forensic evidence influences the verdict.

  11. Should children whose parents are getting divorced undergo mandatory counseling?
  12. Explain how divorce affects children. Be sure to mention the role that the child’s age plays in this situation.

  13. Should schools offer children more free time for socializing?
  14. Look into the changes in school schedules over the past decades and analyze the changes. Determine whether the shortening of the available socializing time in schools is responsible for children today becoming addicted to social networks.

  15. Is dental care abroad better than in the U.S.?
  16. Identify the reasons that make people turn to dental tourism and explain how this loss of patients affects U.S. dentists.

  17. Should all schoolbooks be replaced with e-books?
  18. Determine possible consequences of this change. How will low income families afford this?

  19. Should minors be tried as adults for committing felonies?
  20. Consult qualified psychologists in order to determine whether minors understand the severity of their actions, and whether they can be reformed due to their age.


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