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Choosing Winning College-Level Essay Topics

As you know, the topic that you choose to write your paper on makes a real difference on how your paper turns out. If you try to write a paper one that is too broad or too narrow, you will have a hard time completing your assignments. If it is too broad, you will have time coming up with a good thesis statement to write about. If you write on one that is too narrow, you won’t have enough information to write a solid essay on.

There are a few more characteristics about your topic that you have to worry about. It has to be relevant to your course study. It has to be exciting as well. That is because you will write a better paper on something that you find interesting and exciting. Here is the best way to choose a college-level essay topic that will help you write a great paper.

  1. Check your text book
  2. To make sure that you choose a relevant topic, you can get ideas from your text book. You can use the table of contents to choose one that you find interesting.

  3. Make a list of interesting topics
  4. Jot down all of the topics that you find interesting from your text so that you can start to decide which one is the best for this paper. A great place to find ideas is in those sections that you probably skip over when you are reading the text. They usually are about real life situations relating to the subject matter that you are learning about.

  5. Develop a thesis
  6. Take your list and see if you can develop a thesis statement for the ideas on your list. If you can’t easily develop a thesis statement for one of the ideas, cross it off and keep trying to develop at least one thesis. If you can’t develop any from your list, you will have to restart your process.

  7. Create a short outline
  8. Once you have written a thesis statement, the next step is to create a short outline for the topics that have thesis statements. If you still have more than one idea in your list, then you will need to continue on to the last step.

  9. Choose the best fit
  10. Choose the idea that will create the strongest paper. Which of your outlines and thesis statements is the strongest?


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