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Writing An Argumentative Essay On Junk Food In Schools: 5 Great Tips

The issue of junk food in schools has been a hot topic for quite some time. With the increase of obesity among the younger segment of the population, the push towards getting rid of unhealthy food has gotten stronger by parents, health practitioners, and educators. While many students are happy to grab a bag of chips and a soda when lunchtime rolls around, those who are concerned about the health of our youth are looking to see fruit juice, salad, muffins, and other choices replace vending machine offerings.

When it comes to writing an argumentative essay on the availability of junk food in schools, most students already have a strong opinion one way or the other. Those who do not want to run the risk of going against popular student opinion may choose the position that argues against being able to access any of these foods within the school walls, while others may argue that students should be able to make the choice of what to eat for themselves. Regardless of your current position on the issue, here are 5 great tips to make your essay shine:

  • Have a plan before you start: Come to a decision on which side you are going to be on and stick to that side. If you waffle back and forth with your arguments it will confuse the reader and you will have a difficult time logically organizing your written thoughts.
  • Hook your reader in with your introduction: The introduction is the only chance you will get to make a strong impression. Make it clear what your position is with a topic sentence that grabs the attention of your audience. For example, consider using something like "Junk food should have the same restrictions as prescribed medicines", or "Junk food gives students a much needed energy boost during the day".
  • Dig deep in your research: Use reasoning and facts to back up all of your points. You will also need to discuss the main arguments for the other side of the topic and facts for them as well. Always begin with the opposing side before stating your strongest key point.
  • Make a strong closing: Summarize everything that you have written and restate why your position is the best one, including your best and most relevant evidence.
  • Don't just edit and proofread for posterity: When you have finished writing your paper it will need to be edited and proofread. Carefully go through your wording to make sure that you have given plenty of evidence to sway the reader over to your side. Be critical of your own work and try to look at it with an unbiased view.


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