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Writing A Winning 5 Paragraph Personal Narrative Essay

The main purpose of a personal narrative essay is to tell the reader a story that really happened to you in the past and make is as interesting and engaging as possible. 5-paragraph structure is typical for small papers and not bring you any troubles.

Basics of writing a personal narrative.

Before we come directly to the structure of your future paper, here is a few basic points that shall get you through the process of writing:

  • Create a vivid image. Use as many details as possible. Try to remember as many as you can or use a story that happened not so long ago.
  • Influence your reader. Make them remember your paper. In a good way.
  • Make the story emotional. Have the readers feel what you have felt back then.

Typical 5-paragraph structure for your narrative essay.

Short essays normally consist of not more than 5-6 paragraphs. If you have a specific requirement of 5 paragraphs, here is a good structure option to follow:

Paragraph 1. Introduction. Make your readers familiar with your topic and show your attitude to what you are about to tell.

Paragraphs 2-4. Main body. This is your main writing field, you will write your story and provide as many details as possible. Show your emotions and feelings about the story you are telling and make it sound interesting. You want to get your reader engaged!

Paragraph 5. Conclusion. Provide the main point of your story, think about what made you tell it and why it shall be valuable for your readers.

Making your 5 paragraphs stick together.

As you need to writer a logical unique paper, you need to not only take care of writing the 5 paragraphs, but also to make sure they fit together as a single paper. Here are a few tips:

  1. Use transition words, such as: therefore, also, consequently etc. They will help you connected sentences together.
  2. When writing the first sentence of a paragraph, keep the last sentences of the last paragraph in mind. Glue these sentences together and your paragraphs will automatically connect to each other.
  3. Make your thoughts in different paragraphs interact with each other, always keep in mind what you've been talking about earlier. It's better to write the whole pape in one shot to avoisd losing your thought.
  4. Use different kinds of sentences to make your paper more interesting and not let your reader get bored while reading it.


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