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The Top 25 Easy Essay Topics For College Students

Human Behavior and Psychology Topics

  1. Mental disorders
    • Pick a disorder that interests you and write then write about it
  2. Terrorism
    • Is there ever a time when Terrorism can actually be justified? If yes, when, where, and why?
  3. Language and communication
    • How do we communicate, and how does it different between location, gender, age, etc.?
  4. Learning
    • What types of learning do we experience? How does it shape us?
  5. Gender Roles
  6. Sociology Topics

  7. Poverty and Homelessness
  8. Sociological theories
    • An examination of the main theories in Sociology
  9. What is Sociology?
  10. How to measure deviance?
  11. Cultural differences across the globe
  12. Law and Legal Topics

  13. Age of consent and Statutory rape
    • What should the age of consent be?
    • Should a 17-year-old boy have to go to jail and be marked as a sex offender for life for dating a 15-year-old girl?
  14. Marijuana Legalization
    • Should it be legal and why or why not?
  15. Gay rights and Gay marriage
    • Should gay couples be allowed to get married?
    • Should gay couples have the same rights as straight couples (i.e. insurance coverage)?
  16. Abortion
    • Should it be legal, and why?
  17. Border control
    • Does America need to close our border to slow down population growth? Yes or no, and why?

    Business Topics

  18. Starting your own business
    • Explain why “being your own boss” is a good (or bad) idea to do?
  19. Wage gap
    • Why are men getting paid more than women?
    • Why are minorities getting paid less than majorities?
  20. Wages
    • Should minimum wage be raised, lowered, or stay the same? Why?
  21. Insurance coverage for employees
    • Should employers include birth control in company insurance? Why or why not?
    • Should men be allowed to have paternal leave? If yes, should it be paid or not paid?
    • How long should women have for maternal leave? Should it be paid or not paid leave?
  22. Accidents on the job
    • How can companies increase worker safety?

    Education Topics

  23. Teaching sexual education in schools
    • Should we teach abstinence only course or compressive learning about everything? And why?
  24. Standardized testing
    • Is it really an accurate measure of a student’s knowledge?
  25. No Child Left Behind Act
    • What is it? And is it working?
  26. School uniforms
    • Should students have to wear uniforms to school? Why or why not?
  27. Technology in the classroom
    • Should it be allowed? Why or why not?


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