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The Best Way To Create A Unique Law Essay Title

The title of your essay is not just a collection of words appearing at the top of the page. It should be well thought out and intended to deliver a specific message to the reader. It is worth understanding what makes a good title for your law essay.

  • Uniqueness- the title should be so unique that no one has ever heard about it. This makes it attractive enough to entice the reader to go through the entire paper.
  • Specific- a title should set boundaries that will guide your research and writing process. By reading the title, you should identify the scope of your paper.
  • Relevant- there are two ways of achieving relevance. One is looking at what is of concern to the society at present while the other is something of scholarly importance. No reader is interested in outdated facts or an essay that focuses on issues that are insignificant to the society.

How then do you come up with a unique title?

  • Understand the instructions- It is the instructions that determine the kind of title you will have. The subject should be within the boundaries set by the instructions given. The instructions also determine the structure of your title in that a synthesis paper will carry a title that is structured differently from an opinion paper.
  • Understand your topic- the title should capture what is contained in the body of your paper. A specific, unique and relevant topic will guide you in creating an effective and appropriate title.
  • Identify the key words or phrases- each title should have anchoring words. It is these words that give directions on what to expect from the paper.
  • Avoid clich├ęs- keep away from words, phrases and titles that have been used over and over. They discourage the reader by preempting expectations.

Here is a list of titles to consider for your law essay.

  1. Are illegal immigrants entitled to social rights?
  2. Should abortion be considered a personal issue?
  3. Gay marriages are an overstretching of social liberties
  4. Governments should force companies to cut emissions instead of offering rebates
  5. Islamic banking should remain in Islamic states
  6. Surgical procedures are a matter of chances and doctors should not be victimized
  7. DJs should pay loyalties to owners of the music
  8. There should be a limit to the number of times a person marries after divorce
  9. Companies should hire more locals as a requirement
  10. Paternity leave should be similar to maternity leave


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