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Seven Problem-Solving Topics For Creating A Powerful Essay

In school, you would probably be required to write quite a few essays to demonstrate your writing abilities. Well, obviously that will be a tough task because it’s meant to be a challenge to you! It’s not a pushover and you should always be prepared to do that. Sometimes, your teacher would assign you to work on problem-solving essays. Well, if you have no idea what a problem-solving essay is, here is the answer. It is really just simple – all you have to do is think of a problem and come up with a solution. Simple enough, right? Well here are 7 topics to get your started.

How does a gun work?

Think of all the mechanisms in the gun and how it fires a bullet. It’s a rather complex process, right? All you have to do is just research about it and think of what you can do about it. It’s certainly a great essay topic.

How do car engines work?

Another complex machine here! A car has so many different parts to it, but how do they work together to get the car moving? It certainly is interesting and it is your job to discover how it works!

Think of your past experience

Well, this is a personal theme and it could be different for everyone. Just use your past experience as a reference. Think of a problem that you have solved properly and you could write an essay on it.

A math equation

You could write about a math equation as well! It’s a good idea that you look for some rather complicated equation and talk about it. Discuss how you should approach the problem and what the solution should be.

How to overcome bullying?

Another great topic in your essay would be talk about how you can fight against bullying. Obviously it’s a poor experience and no one wants to be bullied. However, if you were being bullied, what could be done to minimise the damage?

How to overcome a difficult situation?

Another great topic would be talk about a scenario (created by you) and its difficulties. Then you should talk about it and come up with a solution.

Stopping binge eating

Binge eating has been a huge problem in developed society. However, how do we approach the problem? And how might we stop it from happening again?


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