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10 topic ideas for your college argumentative essay

Argumentative essays

Argumentative essays are an interesting essay type to write. They serve as a way to express your opinion on a certain subject and convince your readers with strong logic, supporting evidence and precise conclusion. Sometimes students have enough evidence to convince a reader to their opinion but they lack the skills to put it together in a relevant way. The order of ideas also matters when you write an argumentative essay. You cannot play your strongest card in the beginning of your essay; you have to build the background, engage your reader, make him comfortable with your topic, and then play your card. It should not even be at the very end where the reader is about to divert from your essay. You need to be smart enough to convince a reader. The most critical part of writing an argumentative essay is the topic selection.

Amazing topics you should use for your argumentative essay

  1. The world will be more peaceful place if there were no different interpretations and obligations from the religious preachers and representatives. The basic purpose of any religion is peace and harmony rather than conflict
  2. If a country goes through war, the consumables and trade goods fall low because of the production shifting toward weapons and war ammunitions
  3. Lying is not always a bad thing, sometimes a truth can create serious issues whereas a lie can save a life
  4. When living in a society, one has to follow their norms and values if he does not want to feel left out
  5. Our social structures, economic systems, and division of resources are not the ideal conditions for providing equality and justice to everyone
  6. Life will be much more beautiful if you forget about the feeling of guilt and regret and try to embrace things as they are
  7. It is not fair that celebrities and actors get paid in billions for only a few hours of work while a labor works day and night and only manages enough to feed his children once
  8. Freelance companies are a great pleasure as compared to regular 9-5 jobs, more people should start working on their own
  9. If it was not for technology, the world could never have made zillions out of the IT industry
  10. Science homework can be very interesting if it was project based rather than cramming theoretical answers


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