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19th Century Canadian History

The history of many countries focuses on politics. However, the 19th century Canadian history focused on postal affairs. Prior to the Confederation in 1876, the postal history was a key period in the early 19th century. It had been an era of exchanging letters until the time when colonists were given the chance to take control of the postal affairs. It is also through this chance that the colonists worked on the larger process of independence for Canada. The British were left behind after Canada grew up while achieving independence. The culture of the Canadians in the 19th century will be the subject of this essay.

In British North America, population growth was exhibited during the 19th century. By the middle of the 19th century, the population of maritime colonies had risen to greater heights. The population of Lower Canada doubled while that of Upper Canada increased by a six -factor. Settlements expanded, growing the economy of the country. People acknowledged the need to communicate since business was efficient as a result of economy expansion. Canada gained its independence by tying the colonies together. In the 19th century, the Canadians required stronger ties in order to communicate. The center for oral reports was the market place. The people were religious and tossed any rumors of the sinful nature in the church steps. Many of the citizens were either Catholics or Protestants. The colonies needed written word in order to understand the rumors and culture of these people.

The primary source of communication was letter writing before the newspapers came. Letter exchanges were conducted during this period of history. Letter writers were either message shapers or carriers. In order to transport mail from one person to the other, the individuals had to trust the mediators in order to pass the message for them. Travelers in the upper country were also given mails to transport. The larger tradition of sending letters through other people was part of the culture of the Canadians. Goose feathers acted as writing quills for letter writers. The message could not be deleted after it had been written. One was entitled to scratch off the mistakes with a sharp-edged erase.

The 19th century Canadian history was a difficult period of life compared with the present time. It is through postal affairs that Canada gained independence. When they developed communication tactics, the Canadians were able to tie the colonies together. Communication changed their way of life to a better one.


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