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Bone Cancer

In the modern world, cancer is not a new term. There are various types of cancers some of which include; skin cancer, bone cancer, cervical and prostate cancers among others. Bone cancer is among the leading causes of death in the entire world. Research has depicted that many people are not aware of bone cancer, neither are they conversant with its symptoms. The aim of this paper is to analyze bone cancer and its symptoms.

Sometimes, cancer is believed to spread to the bone from other parts of the body. However, this is common. Cancer that develops in a bone is more uncommon. Some types of bone cancer include; Osteosarcoma, which is common in the knee and the upper arm; Chondrosarcoma, which initiates in the cartilage, and Ewing's sarcoma, which occurs more often in boys than girls. When bone cancer is developing, it starts as a tumor. The bone cells divide without control. It is through this division that a mass of tissue is formed. The common symptom during the formation of the tissue is pain. The cancer then begins to spread after destroying the bone tissue. At the same time, the symptoms vary depending on the size and the location of the cancer.

The symptoms of bone cancer also vary depending on the intensity of the disease. For example, when bone cancer is developing, the pain is not constant, but as time goes by, the pain worsens during the night or when the bone is in use. For example, if the cancer is in the leg, the leg could be painful when walking. When the cancer grows, the pain is heard at all times. Swelling is yet another symptom of cancer. The swelling is evident in the areas of the pain. Fractures also occur when the bone is weakened by the disease. A sudden severe pain could be the result of a fracture. Fatigue and weight loss can also result from bone cancer. Usually, this occurs when the cancer spreads to the internal organs along other symptoms.

Like any other type of cancer, bone cancer is also dangerous. It can lead to fractures, swelling and severe pain as noted. Other symptoms such as arthritis could also result from the disease. Injuries and other worsened conditions develop from the symptoms. These problems could go on for a lengthy period without a known reason. For that reason, it is prudent to look for medical guidance when any of the above symptoms persist.


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