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Technology in Farming

Technology is use of modernized ways of doing things through application of scientific knowledge and devices with aim of increasing efficiency. Technology has been used in various ways through numerous innovations that have led to improvement of people’s life. Technology grows with every day of life from Stone Age to the current nuclear power to may be who knows ‘the atomic car’. Farming is the cultivation of crops and rearing of domestic animals. Technology has been used extensively in farming from since man history started. Farming has embraced growing technology from the time of the early Mesopotamia history, all the way to the Agrarian Revolution to the current Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

Technology has been applied in methods of cultivation of farms, irrigation and mechanization of farm work. Production of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers and nutrient supplements used in animals and plants has been through technology. High yields and quality yields are nowadays only possible through use of technology. Technology has seen creation of farm machines like the water pumps and sprinklers, tractors, mowers, chaff cutters, combined harvesters and many more. These machines have improved the quantity and quality of crop production and consequently food production.

The most fascinating part of technology in farming is the research and study on the GMOs; this has led to creation of completely new crops and animal species that have traits different to the natural species. The new species are better adapted to the environments and also have quality and quantity yields compared to the natural species. For instance, through genetic engineering, the yields of corn plants have been increased as well as the quality; a natural maize plant would produce seeds that have much starch and oils. However, through genetic modification the genes responsible for production of proteins can be introduced to the plant thus creating a corn species with high contents of protein.

Technology in farming is very important; it creates more food and more quality in the food. Through technology the world can do much in eradicating food shortages. The issues of land limitations are removed by application of technology. A small piece of land can support a large number of crops and animals through use of technology. However, technology in farming has led into some negative impacts; for instance, it has been noticed that continued use of genetically modified organisms has led to creation of super weeds that are so much a threat to other crops.


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