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10 Tips On Creating An Essay About Career Goals

Determining career goals can be a tough call for students because they need to choose very carefully. You may feel attracted to certain profession or subject in your school years and find out later that it is not your thing. You might have a volatile decision because you easily get influenced by others around you. You need to decide your career that you want to pursue in the future at a very young age and this can be confusing. You may choose a profession because it pays well and in the end, you realize that you were wrong. It is not your fault and you need to have an expert or a parent to guide you with choosing the right career for you.

If you are to write an essay about choosing the right career or defining your career goals then you would need some research and experience. It will be too early to say whether you develop an interest in the subject or not prior to any research. You need to think carefully and choose something that genuinely interests you to write your paper. This article will guide students in creating an effective essay for their subject with some basic tips and suggestions.

  1. Understand the subject and find your niche
  2. Choose a unique topic
  3. Develop major argument
  4. Find relevant data and supporting evidence
  5. Arrange your data in an outline
  6. Write a rough draft
  7. Create the body of your paper
  8. Use the first draft to create your body for the paper
  9. Write the introduction and conclusion at the end
  10. You need to write both the introduction and conclusion after you complete your paper because there might be a change in the overall direction.

  11. Check overall direction and transition
  12. Read your paper carefully because there might be a gap in your writing or the contradiction in the overall direction of your assignment.

  13. Edit and proofread your paper
  14. It is important for you to manually edit and proofread each sentence in your paper because that is important for the overall presentation and quality. You should not rely on online tools or checkers because they may ignore some less common terminologies or specifications for the formatting by your teacher. You can rely on Microsoft word for checking the spellings and setting the format of your paper.


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