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Ideas For An Argumentative Essay: 25 Questions You Can Answer

An argumentative essay is a popular assignment, as it develops critical and creative thinking. It’s not extremely hard to write down your thoughts when given a topic, but when you have to come up with your own one, difficulties may arise. Below you’ll find some tips on how to choose an issue and inspiring ideas for it.

Suggestions on Selecting a Great Topic for an Argumentative Essay

The main point is to take up a controversial question you really care about, so that you’ll be able to discuss it thoroughly and put forward your own ideas and feelings about it. Moreover, it should be disputable, because you need to prove something in the long run. Finally, remember that you’re limited in the size of your work. It’s better to choose a specific issue and to research it well, than to write twenty pages about nothing. You can dwell on a certain historical period, describe a particular region or country, or discuss a famous event or personality.

25 Questions to Develop in Your Argumentative Essay

  1. Should smoking be forbidden in public places?

  2. Is everyone entitled to defend himself with a weapon?

  3. Should euthanasia be legalized?

  4. When does a person really cease to be a minor?

  5. Can we stop climate change?

  6. Is diplomacy an art or a set of lies?

  7. Should tourists be banned from the oldest historic sights?

  8. Can the use of stimulants in sport be justified?

  9. Is there any use of age restrictions in films?

  10. Will newspapers and magazines disappear in future?

  11. Do violent video games make people commit crimes?

  12. Should migrants be welcomed in Europe?

  13. What can be the aftermath of introducing one language for all?

  14. Are the problems of state control described by G. Orwell in “1984” relevant today?

  15. Should a novelist write about his own life experience or imagine a plot?

  16. Are women effective in governing?

  17. Is polygamy understandable in a modern world?

  18. May one person be killed to save the lives of many?

  19. Will popular culture kill true art?

  20. Does charity really help poor people?

  21. Should a person who admitted his guilt be acquitted?

  22. Can you understand mothers who abandon their children?

  23. Do children need to learn calligraphy today?

  24. Is it possible to become famous without having many talents?

  25. Do we have to study history or focus on the present time?


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