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Top 24 Argumentative Essay Topics Suggested By Experts

An argumentative essay is the type of assignment where you have to convince the audience of your ideas and create a strong stance by supporting it with facts and logic both. The data you use in such a paper should be from authenticated sources and must be valid so that you can give enough reason to your audience to agree with you. When writing such assignments, it is critical to pick a strong topic that you can defend and build a winning paper around. Students who are having trouble choosing a good topic for their argumentative essay, should consider these ideas by experts

Topics for an argumentative essay worth considering

  • Smoking is not as harmful as you think

  • Smoking is never safe for anyone

  • Generosity and courtesy are not innate but can be developed

  • Leadership is an innate skill

  • First child is usually more likely to be a leader or an innovator

  • United we fall, divided we stand

  • Helping people does not mean expecting them to return the favor

  • Living in a city is far better than living in a rural area

  • Country sides are peaceful and more healthier to live in

  • Junk foods should be completely banned in all states and countries

  • Junk food manufactures must face regulations and revise their products

  • Obesity is dangerous than you think

  • Life threatening diseases should have free treatment and medication for all

  • Health and education should not be privatized at all in any case

  • Education and health should be private goods instead of public

  • War is never going to benefit any society in the long run

  • Profitable war crimes? What do you know about them

  • Recession not always bad for the economy

  • Recession is always bad

  • Liquidity trap can be managed with effective planning

  • Dogs are friendlier than cats

  • Addiction is not specific to drugs so all kinds of addictions should be banned

  • Drugs are not always bad and may contribute to something productive

  • Drinking and driving should have severe check and balance

  • Remember to edit or alter the title if you are going to use it for your paper to avoid plagiarism. You can even use this list to trigger fresh ideas for your own unique niche and develop your own topic.


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