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Interesting Essay Topics On Religion: 20 Controversial Questions

An essay on controversial topic has always leaded to debate and after debate good choice comes out. Religion has always been controversial among people. People of different religion express their view differently. It is because every human being tries to protect their own religion. The God has created human being and human being has made religion.

The human being never tries to understand that why do they follow and what they are doing. For example if a person takes birth in Hindi religion then he follow Hindu religion similarly Muslim follows Islamic religion, a Christian follows Christian religion etc. They blindly follow their religion and thus they never come to know the truth behind it.

Sometimes questions arises that why religion has been made and what is the purpose of religion. There are so many questions like this. Here 20 important and controversial topics are provided relating to religion which will help you the various issues. These 20 topic is being suggested here will help you to think widely land and write essay effectively.

  • People do not try to understand religion.

  • They follow religion blindly

  • Why does not society accept atheism

  • what is religion

  • change of religion from one religion to another

  • Is there any existence of the God?

  • Religion should be inculcate in school as a subject

  • Importation of prayer

  • How does philosopher defines the concept religion

  • Why do people go to visit temple?

  • Importance of pilgrimage

  • How much religion is relevant at the present?

  • Does religion changes with time?

  • What is atheism?

  • History of religion

  • Who have made religion?

  • Whether God has directed to choose any particular religion

  • What types of religion are there?

  • Do we losing faith in religion?

  • What will be the status of religion in future?

The notion of religion is very much controversial. Some people who are in search of the truth asking the questions religion. Why should they follow religion if they do not have faith in that? Only being born in a particular family of particular religion is enough reason to follow. The concept of religion is vast and various religious gurus define it from their won point of view. Actually people should search for the truth instead of following blindly. They should accept the genuine believe after getting outcome from their search.


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