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10 Useful Tips On How To Compose A Long Essay About Smoking

You have been assigned a project that involves composing a lengthy well-thought-out essay about smoking. Your teacher/professor was generous enough to allow you to choose the style in which you want to write it in. Although it is great to have that much freedom when it comes to composing your paper, it can make the task a bit more difficult. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

  1. Choose the Style
  2. Since your professor did not give you a specific style, it is up to you to decide how you want to present the topic of smoking. The style can include:

    • Argumentative
    • Arguing for or against smoking

    • Informative
    • General information and key facts about smoking

    • Cause and Effect
    • Ex. Does smoking cause…?

    • Persuasive
    • You are trying to sway your reader to see smoking from your point of view

  3. Research your Topic
  4. You already know what your topic but you don’t know enough about it to write an excellent paper. Do your research about the paper. Gather facts, including those that may contradict your point of view.

  5. Take Notes
  6. Notes are mainly for the key facts and information you wish to include in your paper. Be sure to include the citation for the information and write the citation according to the style your teacher indicates.

  7. Analyze/Search for Examples
  8. Just to get you started, read some well-written samples, in the particular style that you decide to write in. These give you an idea of how to write and possibly an idea of what your teacher/professor might be looking for.

  9. Brainstorm
  10. Based on the notes you have taken, brainstorm how you want to go about composing your paper. Brainstorm what you want to write about.

  11. Plan
  12. In other words, make an outline. This is important. It puts all your thoughts and brainstorming in order. It might even help with the flow of your paper.

  13. Compose thesis statement
  14. Make it a strong statement. A strong thesis statement will make your reader want to continue your paper just to see how you support your stance.

  15. Write Essay
  16. The fun part begins. Just write. Use your ideas and your outline as guides. Keep in mind the style you are writing in, what you want to write and if what you are writing will support your thesis statement.

  17. Title, Introduction, and Conclusion
  18. Title catches your readers’ attention, your introduction draws them in, even more, your thesis statement provides your point of view and your conclusion summarizes everything but briefly highlights key statements that support your view.

  19. Edit
  20. After completing your paper, you should edit it or get a friend or three friends to read through it. You want it as complete as possible. Check for grammar, structure, and punctuation mistakes. Check for the flow of the paper and remove any unnecessary words.

The beauty about the tips above is that they can be applied to writing essays with different topics. By following these steps, your paper composition will come easily. Just be sure to write passionately as you compose.


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